Collection: Soap

Le Serail Savonnerie is a well-known Marseille soap producer, thanks to its traditional soap making methods.

The ingredients of Marseille soap are:

1. **Vegetable oils:** Soaps are mainly made from vegetable oils, traditionally olive oil.

2. **Soda:** Also known as washing soda or baking soda, it is used in the soap making process as a key ingredient in turning oils into soap through a process called saponification.

3. **Salt:** Common table salt, sodium chloride, is sometimes added to thicken soap and improve its texture.

4. **Water:** Water is essential to the soap making process to dissolve and mix the ingredients.

5. **Scent:** Traditional Marseille soap is usually unscented, but some versions may contain natural fragrances or essential oils for a more pleasant scent.

6. **Dye:** traditional Marseille soap is usually light green or white in color. If coloring agents are used, they are natural mineral pigments such as green colour.

It is important to note that traditional Marseille soap is characterized by simplicity and purity. It contains no synthetic additives, artificial colors or harsh chemicals. The ingredients are generally minimal and natural, making this a gentle and hypoallergenic soap suitable for sensitive skin.