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MARSEILLE SOAP WITH OLIVE OIL is made using thousands of years of soap making traditions.

This soap is made with 100% olive oil, which is as high as 72% in the soap. The soap does not contain dyes, added fragrances or synthetic products. Marseille soap with olive oil is particularly gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly, has a pleasant smell, and does not dry out the hands. This soap is suitable both for washing the whole body and for washing clothes. It is enough to grate the soap and use shavings instead of washing powder. It is especially suitable for washing the laundry of allergic people and babies, as it does not contain allergy-causing ingredients.

The soap arrives without packaging. After some time of non-use, you may notice the soap oxidizing and turning white - this is proof that the product is made from the highest quality ingredients.

It comes to our store from Le Serail Savonnerie soap factory, one of the last traditional soap factories in Marseille, located in Phocaean.
This soap is not only hypoallergenic, but is also recommended by dermatologists to combat dry skin. The soap biodegrades in less than 28 days and is really economical as a bar lasts for a long time.

After using the soap, store it on a dry surface and let it dry.

Country of origin: France

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