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Bonikol Pur B polyurethane glue (dismacol)

Bonikol Pur B polyurethane glue (dismacol)

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One-component polyurethane adhesives made from polyurethane resins, modifiers and organic solvents. This adhesive is used in the shoe manufacturing industry to bond natural or artificial leather and polyurethane, PVC, thermoplastic rubber, rubber, etc. The adhesive does not require thermal activation.

USE: Before gluing, the surfaces must be cleaned and degreased using acetone or nitro thinner and sanded with sandpaper. Apply a thin layer evenly on the surface to be glued and let it dry for about 20 minutes . Highly absorbent surfaces are recommended to be lubricated twice, each time allowing to dry after approximately 20 minutes. After the last layer, both surfaces are connected and pressed well for about half a minute. The glue finally dries after 48 hours.

The glue has flammable components, so it should be used only in well-ventilated rooms, away from sources of fire. Store the glue in closed containers at a temperature of +5 to +25°C.

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