Collection: Austrian Tyrolean wool, undyed

Natural undyed bergschaf sheep wool from the Tyrolean mountains of Austria, more commonly known as Tyrolean wool.

The wool is treated without harsh chemicals, washed and cleaned without the use of acid, which is used in most commercial wools and damages the wool's structure, making it easier to shed.

Perfect for both wet and dry felting, keeps the shape and structure of the product well. More suitable for thicker products such as slippers or shoes.

If we do not have the required quantity of the product in stock, after ordering it, you will have to wait about a week until a new shipment arrives.

We will soon add painted Tyrolean bream.

When you buy 2 kilograms or more, you get a 5% discount with the code Tirol5.

When you buy 5 kilograms or more, you get a 10% discount with the code Tirol10.
When you buy 10 kilograms or more, you get a 15% discount automatically.